by Dysplasia

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Recorded/Mixed by D. Orthner in January and August 2012. Mastered by C. Baresich. Artwork by T-Bird. Split 12" with DETROIT



released August 12, 2012

Durell - Yellings and Disapprovals
Mike - Axe-grinding
Nick - Saw-wielding
Cory - Heavy Artillery
Derek - Blasting and Beatings

Cory Lewis - "Shortcuts"
Sam Yacøpsæ - "Expectations"
Kevin Wunderlich - "Mike Danton"
Derek Orthner - "Suffer The Children"

GROUP VOCALS - Durell, Mike, Cory, Derek, Isaac, Sam, and Kevin



all rights reserved


Dysplasia Edmonton, Alberta

Grinding d-beat from Edmonton, AB, Canada.

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Track Name: Shortcuts
Take advantage of anyone who's ever done a thing for you
The image of who you try to be is riddled with holes, I see right through

Keep ascending to your throne of self righteousness
Throw away any value to your esteemed name
The broken thought of any faith anyone once held
is enough to make me repeal any respect for you

Building your reputation on failed broken promises
continue to climb up, ignore the friends you've had
Mock everything I work for, something to be strived
take the easy shortcuts, live off the lies

*I've give all I've had until nothing was left* (not anymore)
*Believing in your words has left me feeling inept*

I'll keep on my way, keep the friends I've made
My head won't be held down by hate and shame

The broken thought of any good you've ever done
will always remind me of who you really are
Track Name: Insects
I'm ashamed of the privilege that's been sustained
Who we are and how we live our lives is my greatest bane
Horrible creatures, life deserves better
A walking mockery of morals and pride

Tiny little insects, sub-human garbage
Choke down consumer goods, don't finish what you've started
The truth about our lives it too easy to reveal
Blind ourselves with commodity in order to conceal

Go. Go on with your shell of a life. You'll never amount to anything good. A shinning example of a waste of air
Your dreams will fail. You'll die and no one will care

Hide behind your words of hate, your actions of guilt
Build yourself up one to show how little you really are
Another reason why I hate this human race
My contempt grows with every passing face

I hate you fucking people
Track Name: Expectations
The universe is not god
Don't have to believe me, that's just what I think
Everyone has their view
It's not getting through to you

Don't care what you say, I'll eat what I want to eat
Sing what I want to sing
Be who I want to be

Don't ever compare my life to yours
With your mundane drone, your overbearing chores
Detached yourself from reality
Afraid to accept negativity

Sometimes I give up
You won't even listen to me
You have your opinion
but don't expect me to think like you
Track Name: Anxious Mornings
Another day, another way I've let myself down
Caught in a ocean of stress, almost ready to let go and drown
Go to sleep with the sadness, wake with the hate
Failing the positive mindset I've been told to create

Why do I feel like this?

I'm trapped inside my own head
Please someone let me out of here
I need the room, I need to breathe
Set fire to me and I'll be free

I guess I'll go on living day to day
Hating myself for feeling this fucking way
Day to day, day to day
Hating myself for feeling this way
Track Name: Mike Danton or: How The War Was Really Fought
What are you doing here Michaelson?

The question is what the hell are you doing here?
Don't threaten me Michaelson
You pay the bills, I run the op, and that's the way it fucking stays
I'm a businessman, not a fool

In one month I want this operation ready for action
No way I need more fucking time
You're running out of fucking time

I'll pull the plug on this operation, and you too

Sit down, shut up, and listen mister
I'm not sinking millions into this so you can go on some fucking vendetta
You've gone too far, it's out of control
You're suppose to be the best at what you do, now do it fucking better

Don't be stupid, if I go the op goes and that's not my game plan

Blood money. It's all fucking green

I'm going to love watching you die
Track Name: Suffer the Children (Napalm Death)
Your unflappable conceptions
Moralistic views
Never open to criticism
Your overpowering ruse

Promise of sanctuary
In eternal bliss
With starry eyes and cash in hand
Pledge all to the master plan

Just face the truth or fund the farce

At one with your god
Your sole untent
Your treasured place assured
For a substantial rent

Global lunacy
Death threats for supposed blasphemy
No room for free thought
All non believers pushed to the floor

Aggressive tyrants
Supposed saints for the cause
Judgement through force
Faith a fuel for pointless wars

When all is done
Who shall benefit? Who is the one?
Not those who pass on
But those dictators divine waving their deceitful wands
Track Name: Vessels
A great fleet of vessels breaks the shores
The villages burn as the native blood pours
On a epic crusade for the word of god
Nothing but complete guilt and fraud
Genocide given thunderous applause
We kill and take for holy god